Price  $28 

Price $24.00

The feathers are approx 12" long.  The detail in the feather is very good.  Each separation will show in a darker color.  Colors range from blues, reds, greens, coppers, yellow and more.

This is a Saguaro Cactus image.

It has a 3D affect with a feather, a sun and a dragon fly.  It is attached to a Manzanita stick.  The glaze is Cumulous Cloud with a lace imprint of Burgandy glaze.

It is approx. 8 1/2 inches tall and 6 1/2 inches wide.  It will hang on the wall with a non-tarnish wire embellished with beads.

Price $ 28.00

Spirit Woman

"The Spirit Woman"

represents the struggles and the joys of being a woman.  Change, expectations, responsibilities and compassion.  Friendship and loyalty. 

Laura's Ceramics

Wall Hangings

Planters or Candle Holders

My Art is inspired  by Color, Nature, and Fun. 


Love - Compassion - Joy

A triangel symbolizing a vessel in which love

is poured or carried. 

Hearts are one of my favorite things to make.  This one is pressed from a stamp a friend gave me that she found in a thrift store. 

The Mirror Blue impressin on the sides is covered in a soft teal color.  The other glazes found in this piece are Wheat, Copper, Jade and Amber Ash.

Hanging from Manzanita with wire and beads.

Heart Wall Hanging

"Every one has a guardian angel to direct our path.  Gaurdian Angels brighten our journey of life with divine love, protection, peace, healing, grace, strength and miracles."

Price  $22.00

Planters or Candle Holders come in a variety of colors.  You will be able to  receive an email of what is available at any given time.  Each will be glazes with vibrant colored glazes and have beads hanging down one side.   You will beable to put a plant in them.  They have a drain hole in the bottom.  A candle can also be placed inside the bowl.

Contact me by email for list of additions

that are available as they change often.

There is a wide variety from turtles to feathers

several words available for impressions also.

Wall hangings of various shapes and sizes Turtles, Hummingbirds, Dragonflies, Frogs, Lizards, Hearts and Butterflies.  Words can be added for inspirations:  Hope, Dream, Love, Faith and Believe.  They would be impressed in the clay with a darker color so they will be clearly seen on the piece.

The little ball of clay is thrown, pinched and squeezed to get the bubbles out.  Then I use a rolling pin to roll it out just like making some cookies.  Cut out your shape with your pin tool.  Press your stamp with whatever you want to say.  The small heart I cut out is given a texture and added back to the piece.  Smooth out the edges and let it dry.  Here in Arizona it only takes about a day to dry and is ready to put in the kiln to bisque.  It will be hard and a white color when it is bisque.  Next is the glazing.  All color are added.  To get words to show I put black in the impression then rub off the access.  Then back in the kiln another 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  Finished product comes out shiny and bright.  You may notice that the color I put on as a raw glaze looks orange and when it comes out is a gold with tiny black specks.   Decorate with wire, beads, manzinta or cholla and it is ready for you to enjoy.

The Gaurdian Angel


Price $28.00

The Process

The Wine Glass

Pricing on feathers will vary depending on how many feathers are in the piece.

One feather $22, Two feathers $30 and Three feathers $38. 

This website is currently being developed and continuously changing.  Please check often for new items, exciting new colors and images.

Arizona Sun

The spirit women come in different colors of glazes.  The main body of this one is Dragons Breath.  The round face and the square chest areas are impressed and colored in Mirror Blue.  Beads hanging from her sholder. The entire ceramic wall hanging is on Manzanita branch on non tarnish wire with beautifully colored glass and wooden beads.  Approx 10 inches tall by 7 inches wide.

We all know someone that drinks wine. 

Clay cut out in the shape of a wine glass.

Small grapes are added for a 3D affect.

At the bottom each glass will have its own wine glass charm.

Size is approx. 7 inches long by 5 inches wide.

It will hang on non-tarnish wire with beads and charms.  Special orders on different colors can be made especially for you.

This piece has a 3D impact.  On the bottom of the oval shaped ceramic image is a pretty little hummingbird.  There is also an impression of the tiny little bird in Mirror Blue glaze.  Lace impression on the side in Copper Adventure glaze.  All hanging from a Manzanita branch embellished with beautiful beads.

Price $ 30.00 

Each piece you see on this website can be duplicated to a degree.  I can duplicate the design, the glaze that I use, however, the beads would be different but still beautiful and colorful.  The wood from nature would be different shapes of course. 

I use Manzanita, Cholla skeletons or ribs from Sagauro cactus.

Price $37.00 

T i l e s

Timeless joy.  Symbol for accomplishing the impossible.

Energy - Wonder - Action - Joy

The colorful suns are 8" x 8".  They are hung with non-tarnish wire embellished with beads and charms.  Each sun face has its own personality. All have a smile on their face to bring you joy.

Tile prices will vary slightly depending on additions. 

Base price $15.00 up to $22 each.  Tiles can be combined for a long wall hanging up to 5 tiles long.

The "Hummingbird"

Tiles will be approximately 5" x 5".  Inspirational words can be added.  Charms or ceramic pieces can be added to the tile.  They are hung with wire on manzanita or cholla rib attractive glass and wooden beads are added for extra color.

Hummingbird Wall Hanging

Approx size 7 inches long by 5 inches wide.  Each piece will have glass and wooden beads and be hung with wire.

Special Orders are welcome.

Prices will vary depending on additions and size of the item you order.

The angels are special order.  You choose hair color and color of wings and dress.   They all have beads and charms hanging from bottom of the dress and will hang form the top of the wings with wire and beads. 

You can put a name on the angels dress in a space provided.  Or an insirational word.

Approx size  8" long and 5" across wings.

Price $28.00